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The Fighting Fox's Statistics

Money Raised
Team Fundraising Goal: $2,000.00
Total Raised: $3,002.80

Members Recruited
Recruitment Goal: 20
Members Recruited: 53

Join Our Lupus Team!

Hey everyone!

My team and I (The Fighting Fox's) are taking part in LSI's Lupus Awareness Walk on Saturday, August 12th. The Fighting Fox's and I are doing our best to raise money to support this amazing cause and to recruit as many walkers onto our team as possible. We need all the help we can get so please don't hesitate to join our team and our mission! If you can't join then please consider making a donation- every dollar helps fight lupus by supporting people in Illinois living with it including myself. All money raised from the walk is contributed back to the Lupus Society of Illinois to continue their mission to promote lupus awareness to help all of those suffering with this despicable autoimmune disease. The Fighting Fox's hope to see you on walk day!

Team Members:
Total Raised$3,002.80  
General Team Donation$0.00  
Meaghan Fox$1,713.80  
   Nolan Adam$25.00  
   Tina Adam$25.00  
   Erin Barbaro$25.00  
   Frankie Barbaro$10.00  
   Craig Bauer$25.00  
   Lisa Bauer$25.00  
   Deb Bauer-Kelley$25.00  
   Barry Booth$25.00  
   Ryan Booth$25.00  
   Chris Broholm$25.00  
   Frances Broholm$25.00  
   Rick Browe$25.00  
   Ricky Browe$25.00  
   Sheila Browe$25.00  
   Rachele Cozzoline$25.00  
   Jason England$25.00  
   Barbara Fox$25.00  
   Elizabeth Fox$50.00  
   frank fox$50.00  
   James Fox$25.00  
   Nicholas Fox$25.00  
   Jessica Fredrick$25.00  
   Wendy Fredrick$25.00  
   Diane Ganzer$25.00  
   Janine Ghezzi$25.00  
   Jael Gilbertson$25.00  
   Janice Humbert$25.00  
   Kelly Ishler$25.00  
   Melinda King$25.00  
   Carmela LoCascio$25.00  
   Linda Lundquist$25.00  
   Rae Mahalik$10.00  
   Ashley Miles$25.00  
   Alex Mora$10.00  
   Hailey Mora$10.00  
   Jaime Mora$25.00  
   Niya Mora$10.00  
   Scott Naughton$37.00  
   Linda Nicol$25.00  
   Joanne Ryan$25.00  
   Kevin Ryan$25.00  
   Melissa Sanchez$27.00  
   Susie Shoemaker$25.00  
   Laura Simmons$25.00  
   Annie Smith$25.00  
   Sam Smith$25.00  
   Scott Smith$25.00  
   Sena Smith$25.00  
   Stephanie Smith$25.00  
   Virginia Smith$25.00  
   Angie Sommer$25.00  
   Debbie Torpy$25.00  

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